Basic Information

Founded 1894

Club Headquarters:
Floriana F.C.
Pjazza San Publiju
Malta, EU

Ta' L-Irish

Training Grounds:
Independence Arena

Floriana Football Club was founded in 1894, and together with St. George's FC, is one of the two oldest clubs in Malta. During that period, football in Malta was introduced by the British Servicemen who were stationed on the island which was then a colony of the British Empire.
The club is affiliated to the Malta Football Association which in turn is both a member of UEFA and FIFA.

The team, which plays in green and white, is nicknamed The Irish, after having adopted its colours following a friendly match against the Dublin Fusiliers who were stationed in Malta at the time.

Floriana Football Club has won the major Maltese League championship for 25 times and the F.A Trophy for 19 times. In 2012 Floriana signed a partnership agreement with british investor Stephen Vaughan.

In February 2013 president Stephen Vaughan resigned from Floriana FC and after an EGM, that was held later on that month, Mr. Riccardo Gaucci was confirmed as Floriana FC new president.

How We Started

Football was introduced in Malta at the end of the 19th Century by the British troops stationed on the island. At that time Malta formed part of the British Empire and, the Island was the base of British forces in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The British forces in Malta were mainly stationed in the three cities, Mtarfa, Tigne', St Andrews and in Floriana. The forces' barracks, which were strategically located around the Island, enjoyed large areas that were used as parade grounds, training areas and for sporting activities. The sports practised by the soldiers were mainly cricket, hockey and football.

Obviously, the locals who were influenced by the soldiers stationed in the area were introduced to these sporting activities. The most popular sports amongst the residents of Floriana was football, however some also practised cricket and hockey. It is worth noting at this juncture that Floriana still has its hockey club, carrying the name Floriana Young Stars Hockey Club.

It is said that at the end of the 19th Century a group of youngsters from Floriana, assisted by soldiers based in the area, formed the second football team. It is understood that this team held football matches against another team formed in Cospicua, the St George's. There is also historical proof that both teams were the first football teams in Malta. However there is evidence that FFC was established in 1894, which makes it the second team to be born on the Island (because St. George's FC was established in 1890).

Club Colors and Mascot

Between 1894 and 1905 the club's colours were green/red quartered shirts, black shorts with green and red socks. The official colours of the club as we know them today, green and white vertical striped shirts, white shorts and green/white horizontal striped socks, were introduced in 1905.

At that time the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were stationed in Floriana. During that year, three friendly matches were held between this regiment and FFC, at the end of the final match both teams exchanged their shirts and, the officials of the Dublin Fusiliers expressed their wish that FFC changed their official colours to their green and white shirts. Incidentally, this regiment left the Island in that same year.

The ties between Floriana and the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were very strong and the Florianities are still called today 'Tal-Irish' meaning 'The Irish'. "Tal-Irish minn dejjem hadid, Jaghmel li jrid, deni jew gid." - In plain, English, this translates as "The Irish are always as strong as metal; they decide if to inflict harm or not".
The club's mascot is the lion, which features prominently on the club's badge together with the Latin motto "Ex Ludis Virtus", meaning "virtue out of the game. In this regard the club's badge represents the fierceness of the lion together with the virtues of sportsmanship.

European Football

Over the years FFC participated in the various competitions organised by the European football body, UEFA, such as the:

•UEFA Champions Cup
•UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
•Fairs Cities' Cup
•Intertoto Cup

In 1962, the club was the first to represent Malta in UEFA competitions in its Cup Winners' Cup against the Hungarian side Upjest Dozsa. Over the years, FFC had the opportunity to meet some renowned European football clubs with the likes of:

•Ipswich Town (UK)
•FC Internazionale (Italy)
•Sparta Rotterdam (Holland)
•Panathinaikos (Greece)
•Ferencvaros (Hungry)
•Dundee Utd (Scotland)
•FC Porto (Portugal)
•Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
•IF Elfsborg (Sweden)
On two occasions FFC made it to the next round, 1993/4 Champions Cup and Intertoto Cup 1999/2000.

Our Football Rivalries

During their history Floriana FC had two main rivals Sliema Wanderers and neighbors Valletta.

The rivalry against Sliema is very old but today has lost many of its legacy. The rivalry was at its peak during the 1920s and till the late 1970s when the two sides dominated the Maltese football scene. Fighting between supporters during the direct conflicts were something usual. Today the rivalry declined due to Floriana's lack of good performances in the domestic scene were in the last 30 years they won only two league titles, in 1977 and in 1993.

On the other hand the rivalry against Valletta City is still alive. Despite the fact that it has been a long time since Floriana were in their hey days, the fact that the two cities are near each others the rivalry continued to persist and it is one of the most classic derbies in the Maltese football. The 2007â€"08 season also started with a bang as Floriana hosted Valletta FC at the Ta Qali Stadium. Both sides played their role but at the end Floriana overcame their rivals with a 3 - 2 win. Despite this, in the other rounds Floriana suffered consecutive defeats.

Season 2010/11 saw the revival of the club as a major one in maltese football. The season came to an end in a bang, with Floriana finishing second for the first time in 17 years, and two weeks later Floriana and Valletta contested the FA cup with the greens' ending Valletta's unbeaten streak for the season and claiming back the first major honour in 17 years infront of the biggest crowd of the season.