Club Sponsorship

Sponsorship with Floriana Football Club offers fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness, and direct local community engagement.

Association with Floriana Football Club presents a unique bond creating a sense of connection between the Football Club, your company brand, the local area and the surrounding regions.
As a result of becoming part of the fabric of the Club and forming a bond with the local community, your brand will be viewed more positively locally, and in doing so the opportunity of reaching an extended consumer audience, which may not have been accessed previously.
Whether your brand objectives are to increase brand loyalty, create awareness and visibility, change/reinforce image, or showcase community engagement, Sponsorship with Floriana Football Club gives your brand an opportunity to be seen not only by existing clients, employees and stakeholders but also to a wider untapped audience.
Club success brings with it, increased media attention via television coverage, social media, and extensive written publications which further promote your brand positioning and corporate image.
With Floriana Football Club you have numerous sponsorship opportunities including:
Shirt Sponsorship
Back of Shirt Sponsorship
Back of Shorts Sponsorship
Training Kit Sponsorship
Academy Sponsorship
Club Events Sponsorship
Company brands who wish to harness the loyalty, passion and brand exposures associated with Floriana Football Club are invited to contact the team now via email on
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