Floriana FC would like to announce that the club has agreed to part ways with Italian Coach Enzo Potenza following his resignation from the post of Floriana FC Coach.

Floriana FC would like to thank Coach Enzo Potenza for all the remarkable work done during his tenure at the club.

Enzo Potenza was appointed as Floriana FC coach on the 15th May of 2019 ahead of the 2019/20 season and immediately showed his great coaching abilities in his first season at the club as he steered the Greens back to glorious achievements thanks to the 26th League Championship success and a historic qualification in the UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds. Enzo Potenza was also voted as the MFA Coach of the Year in the 2019/20 season as Floriana FC Coach.

Floriana FC will always be grateful to Coach Enzo Potenza and the club wishes him the best of luck in his future career.

Thank You Coach!

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