Thank You Joe Cauchi

We frequently remember Floriana FC players, staff and committee members as we express our gratitude for all their efforts but maybe no one is more deserving than such words of appreciation than Joe Cauchi.

Joe Cauchi took the reigns of the club and steered it to safety when Floriana FC faced enormous off field problems and various financial difficulties. Together with the help of very few, the current Senior Vice President never gave up on the hope that the club would consolidate its foundations and get back to being one of the best in Maltese football.

Joe Cauchi represents the very true example of genuine administrator that loves his local football club and most of all his unparalleled loyalty, commitment and passion towards Floriana FC saw him earn the respect of every Green and White supporter throughout all these years.

His wealth of experience is a key element in the current Floriana FC committee and an invaluable help to Club President Riccardo Gaucci as everyone will surely acknowledge such an honest person of integrity and generosity.

Today, it’s down to Joe Cauchi’s never say die approach that Floriana FC are the Maltese football Champions and we truly thank him for everything he has done for the club throughout the years.

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